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The Light Red Arrow Icon On A Background Of Money. The Concept Of Changing Course Of US Dollar On The Market. Devaluation, Collapse, Stagnation Of The Economy.

Dollar Rates Drop as Data Disappoints and Potential Impeachment Looms

The dollar weakened slightly following another poor data run and the leader of the democrats Nancy Pelosi laying out her…

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American Dollars An Usa Flag.Close Up Of American Flag And Dollar Cash Money On Old Oak Wood.

Dollar Weakens as Possibility of Trade Deal This Year Looks Unlikely

The Dollar had enjoyed a slight boost following the FOMC minutes which claimed that no further easing would currently be…

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NFP Numbers Surpass Target but Manufacturing Stumbles as ISM PMI Falls

Markets had a keen eye on Friday’s data with a series of impactful US data releases scheduled. The train-like momentum…

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Golden pound symbol and golden arrow up - pound money rise concept - retro style

GBP Strengthens as Polls Show Johnson Nears Majority

The Pound was driven higher this week as polls indicate that Prime minister Johnson will seal a majority in next weeks general election. The Pound has seen good levels of support, with investors now believing that the victory is now Johnson’s to lose. Pound levels have hit year highs against many of the majors including the Euro. What do the polls say? Polls can vary slightly, however, one fact doesn’t seem to vary; the conservatives appear to firmly be in the driving seat. Barring any mishaps or scandals, Boris should be remaining in Downing street after next week. Currently, polls…

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Currency Transfers

Foreign Exchange Live

Spot Rates

A spot deal is essentially a transaction that is booked, confirmed and settled immediately. In more detail a spot deal…

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Foreign Exchange Live

Forward Contracts

A Forward Exchange Contract (FEC) allows an individual or business to secure an exchange rate now but for settlement at…

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Foreign Exchange Live


It is difficult to provide definitive information on fees and margins as these will vary between the various foreign exchange…

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Foreign Exchange Live

Importers & Exporters

Anyone involved in the import or export of goods is inevitably exposed to exchange rate risk. It is also likely that any fluctuations caused by…

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Business Currency Payments

Any company dealing in foreign currency, either to receive payment for goods and services or to make payments to suppliers, is exposed to financial risk…

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The decision to emigrate to another country is one which is not taken lightly. Many people are attracted by the promise of a better lifestyle…

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Overseas Property Purchase

If you are seeking new opportunities abroad and have identified the property of your dreams, it is useful to know how to save money in…