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Live Forex Charts

Those who are following the trends of certain currency pairs will be well served by live forex charts. Whether you are attempting to spot a trend in order to trade forex or trying to find an opportune moment to send money abroad or purchase travel money. 

How to read a live forex chart

All live forex charts have ‘time’ which runs along the horizontal x-axis and ‘price’ which runs along the y-axis. Allowing you to view historical pricing on the left and current pricing to the right hand side. The candlestick live forex charts allows you to see more detailed fluctuations and pricing over a shorter time period. If you are wishing to change the live forex graph to a different current pair, this can be changed by changing the currency pair in the right hand corner of the currency chart.

Line graph - Live Forex Chart

Line forex charts can demonstrate an overall trend in the particular currency pair. This live forex chart allow you to see trends of a number of currency pairs. You can also select the time frame of the pair from 1 day to the complete trading history of the currency pair.

Candlesticks - Live Forex Chart

The Candlesticks live forex chart features a series of green and red bars which are commonly known as candlesticks. Green indicates an appreciating currency pair, red a currency pair which has lost value. When observing a daily candlestick forex chart, an appreciating currency will be coloured in green as it has appreciated during the trading day. A red candlestick will depict a loss and therefore the currency pair has closed lower than the opening trading rate on the live forex graphs.

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