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Effective Strategies To Convert Trading Leads To Loyal Customers

There are 2 aspects to the customer experience. The online part of the customer experience is heavily dependent on your marketing efforts. With the boom in smartphone sales and usage, the volume of digital marketing conversions from calls has exploded. When customers engage with a business’ digital ads, they most often do it on their phones. They are more likely to convert in the most immediate and convenient way i.e. calling you. This brings us to the offline part of customer experience. Ideally, it should be just as seamless and frictionless as its online counterpart. A customer call made on the HughesNet number in response to their internet plans advertisement is more likely to convert if the offline experience is solid.

Effective Strategies To Convert Trading Leads To Loyal Customers

Creating a personalized customer experience

It is fairly obvious that you are more likely to convert and retain customers if the customer experience is solid. The online experience is going to be based on the strength of your web design, marketing efforts, and branding strategies. But this is usually only enough to get customers to contact you. This is where offering a good offline experience comes in as an integral strategy. The better the experience you offer incoming customers the better the outcome. Prospects are more likely to turn into customers and even loyal advocates based on their overall customer service. Here are 9 strategies you can follow to offer a more personalized offline customer experience:

  1. Create and implement a comprehensive Communications Strategy
  2. Know your customer when you interact with them
  3. Make use of technology to streamline your efforts
  4. Frequently communicate with your customers
  5. Proactively engage with your customers
  6. Miscommunications are a sin
  7. Hire competent customer service reps
  8. Do not underestimate direct contact
  9. Personalize your service by using online touchpoints

Let us dive right into how these strategies can optimize the way you convert calls into customers.

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Create and implement a comprehensive Communications Strategy

A comprehensive communications strategy is the first thing you need to improve your customers’ experience. You need to find ways to personalize interaction across all functions and channels of your business. The communications strategy you develop should encompass all touch points and should do so consistently. You need to start addressing emails by name, gathering data and giving your reps more information about whom they speak to. Above all, you need to implement personalized communications from your end. Many businesses often advertise “dedicated customer service” but often this is not the case. If you intend to advertise like this, include a personalized message from yourself indicating you stand behind your business.

Know your customer when you interact with them

Knowing your customer is a catalyst when you are engaging meaningfully with them. Instead of the impersonal “Dear Customer” or “Valued Customer” try finding out information about specific customers. Then use this information to personalize your communication with them. “Dear Kevin” sounds much better than “Dear Customer”. There are 2 benefits to this practice. Firstly, you gain the attention of the customer. Second, it opens up a dialogue which can turn into a relationship.

Many happy customers often ask reps to address them by their first names. This is one way you can tell your strategies are working. By knowing your customer, you can express your respect for their individuality. Knowing your customers gives the impression they are not faceless consumers to you but valued assets. Another important aspect to consider localization, especially when operating internationally. It pays to hire experts in different target cultures and etiquette to train your reps, delivering a better, appropriate experience.

Make use of technology to streamline your efforts

Implementing a personalization strategy can involve a lot of time and effort. Luckily technology has progressed enough to make this task much more streamlined and efficient. Use technology to gather important customer information like names, ages, genders, occupations, and other demographics. If you aren’t already doing this, you should ask your web admin to start right away. Technology also offers avenues to improve other efforts. Domain operators often give you options to send more personalized mass-mails. Automated customer databases can be invaluable to your customer service reps. There are many channels where technology can help you implement your strategies with ease.

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Frequently communicate with your customers

Relationships with customers are pretty much like any close relationship. When there is some exciting news to break, you don’t wait for friends and family to call you. You call them. It’s the same with customers. Track customers, wish them on their birthdays, offer surprise vouchers, discounts, and coupons. The more frequently you contact customers for valid reasons, the more likely you are to benefit.

Proactively engage with your customers

Most businesses opt for a conventional reactive customer service strategy. However, it is much better to adopt a proactive strategy instead. It provides more opportunities to contact customers and yields better results, generally. Proactive customer service conveys the impression that you are invested in solving a customer’s problem. This is an impression you want to give. Make use of customer testimonials, troubleshooting data and updated FAQs to proactively engage with customers.

Miscommunication is a sin

The only thing worse than bad customer service is miscommunication. In a highly connected world, every customer interaction matters. So don’t let a lazy or incompetent rep frustrate your customers in any interaction. Make notes on interactions with customers Record and store every single communication with your customers. Then make this information accessible to your reps so they can effectively deal with customers. Knowing the specifics of a particular customer makes it easy for service reps to deal with their specific issues. This improves the experience you deliver.

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Hire competent customer service reps

Competent customer service reps are key to offering good customer service. You need reps that are flexible in their roles as problem solvers and friendly customer aides. Reps that are competent and can adapt to situations are the most likely to generate long-term relationships and referrals. This is what will set your business apart from your competition.

Do not underestimate direct contact

Despite the technological advancements of our age, direct calling still remains the most reassuring form of problem-solving. My motto is, why fix it if it works? Using means like emails and SMS are well and good, but don’t let them replace the authenticity of a direct call. However, this may not always be possible with a large customer base. In such cases, direct contact should be reserved for top-tier, high-value clients.

Personalize your service by using online touchpoints

Modern technology can really help you present a personalized service to your customers. Your website is the first point your online customers interact with your business. It pays to have a responsive website that helps customers with useful information. A Cox phone service customer will usually call on Comcast Xfinity Customer Service first to register a complaint or get a number. This is where you can really personalize the experience. Include social media links, maps, addresses, customer service numbers etc. It is also a great place to introduce prospects to your team. Use names and faces to create a bond with your prospective customers. Let them know your team is working for their benefit.

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