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How To Send Money To Sweden & Becoming An Expat

When relocating to Sweden you’ll need to consider your options when you come to send money to Sweden. A foreign exchange broker can be a valuable asset when it comes to transfer money to Sweden.

Sweden has become a hub for expats seeking a great work life balance. Stockholm amongst the most popular locations for expatriates, made up of 24,000 islands, expats enjoy the picturesque setting if not the sizzling hot weather.

Sweden boasts a healthy job market with opportunities for well qualified English-speaking expatriates readily available. A real focus is given to I.T and Media sectors meaning that jobs are often filled by well qualified candidates.

Lack of Swedish need not get in the way

Whilst we believe every expat should leave home with the ambition of learning the language of their new country. The inability to speak Swedish needn’t hold you back as the vast majority of locals will speak English. Whereas other country’s might insist on newbies at least attempting to speak the local dialect the Swedes are much more forgiving and enjoy practicing their English.

Golf in Sweden

Largely unknown, golf is a sport which thrives and is often pursued by expats in Sweden. Its landscape perfectly suited to the creation of courses all over Sweden. Clubs can be found both inland and on the coast. Boasting 480 courses and 460,000 members the sport is booming.

What life is like in Sweden

The country is known for its order and discipline and this extends to the public transport, seldom will you find a delayed train or bus and a cancelled service is as common as hens’ teeth. This is only ever thrown into jeopardy by extreme weather.

Working is a lot less challenging than other locations. Swedish companies gear their companies to the needs of their workers and enjoyment. Friday lunchtime typically marks the end of the week and offices are normally deserted after 5,10pm.

Swedes are less concerned about status and hierarchy and approaching a CEO isn’t frowned upon in the same ways as it is in other areas. People by and large are more accessible and happier to assist or add value in some way.

The weather can be dire and rarely surpasses 25c even in the height of summer. Rainfall averages 24inches each year with the most being experienced in late summer. Sweden experiences considerable snowfall which can lay on the ground for up to 6 months in the north.

Whilst jobs typically are well paid when compared to many countries in Europe taxes are also higher. However, the payoff is great schools, healthcare and state benefits.


Top tips when you decide to move to Sweden

When relocating to Sweden you will be faced with a handful of tasks and objectives in order to ensure your relocation runs smoothly. Here are just a few things worth considering.

  • Visas – those outside the EEA/ EU will have the ability to work and reside in Sweden. People who are moving from other areas of the globe will need a solid job offer before relocating. Visa’s can differ and are subject to whether the job offered is skilled or unskilled, a visa must be updated until residency is granted.
  • Housing – finding good accommodation can be a challenge in Sweden. Properties can be let and then sublet. It’s worth familiarising yourself with these direct rentals and sub-let properties. Sub-let properties are normally rented for a year and then the original renter must enter before of the end of the original lease. If you have a defined work contract under a year this can be an excellent choice, if however, you plan on standing longer than 12 months if potentially preferable to ensure you are the main renter. Buying a home in Sweden is fairly straightforward and foreigners face no issues in buying a home in Sweden.
  • Education – the educational system in Sweden is very good but many expats will opt to send their children to international schools. The cost of private education in Sweden is heavily patrolled and a term will typically cost between SEK 30,000 – 100,000. Private and international school pricing will vary subject on your child’s age, school’s location and reputation. A foreign exchange broker can help you transfer money to Sweden to cover smaller payments such as school fees.


  • Speak with a foreign exchange broker – Exchange rates can be extremely volatile and if you are considering relocating, we advise on speaking with a foreign exchange broker in order to send money to Sweden. Companies such as Rational FX, Moneycorp and Newbridge FX will keep you abreast of market movements and provide you with a series of solutions. Whether you are looking to transfer money to Sweden on a regular basis or managing international business transfers they will be more than able to assist.


Establishing a bank account in Sweden

Foreigners will find that establishing a bank account can be longwinded, but the process is clear and well laid out. Much like the country the application is orderly and clear. Delays are typically encountered if the applicant hasn’t laid their hands on a personnummer or Swedish tax number. EU/EEA members have the right to a Swedish tax number, those outside of the EEA/EU will have to apply.

Application can be made at the Swedish tax office in person and applicants will have to register on the Swedish population register.

Documents needed to apply for a Swedish bank account

  • Valid passport
  • passport
  • Swedish visa or resident permit
  • Swedish employment contract
  • Swedish ID card

Occasionally banks will differ in their application criteria some other supporting paperwork might be requested. Once your account is active you can look at ways to send money to Sweden and start your life overseas.

Foreign exchange broker account – transfer money to Sweden

It is well worth considering opening a currency transfer account at the same time as you start seeking a job in Sweden. Currency pairs can move rapidly especially during adverse or volatile markets. It is always advisable to discuss your relocation budget and have a structure conversation to avoid disappointment. Opening a currency transfer account is extremely straight forward and requires minimal paperwork. The application can normally be performed 100% online and should only take a few minutes to initiate. Typically, paperwork needed to open a private client currency transfer accounts could include. Once approved you can send money to Sweden immediately.

  • Valid copy of photo ID
  • Utility bill or banks statement (less than 3 months old)

Opening a business account can be slightly more involved and subject to office locations, currency pairs being exchanged and trading history. Normally it takes between 2-3 days to open a business foreign exchange account. Once open you can transfer money to Sweden immediately




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Foreign Exchange Live

We cover foreign exchange, currency and cryptocurrency news and guides. Our readers can find currency-specific foreign exchange news, political updates affecting currency and insight into where foreign exchange trends may go, as well as the latest cryptocurrency analyses and trends.