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Having worked for several deliverable foreign exchange brokers for more than ten years, I wanted to bridge the gap and inform on keys aspects of the FX and Cryptocurrency world. On the deliverable side of foreign exchange many still receive a raw deal from their retail banks and are intimidated by the jargon associated with a ‘broker’. Our guides aim to simplify and explain solutions which can be advantageous for small businesses and individuals when transferring money overseas.

Previous roles gave me the opportunity to work for several leaders and boutique operations in the FX sector.  I wanted to provide my perspective on the market and bring clarity to those thinking of using a broker or trading platform.

Many thanks for taking a moment to review our site and hear our message.

Shaun Dash – Managing Director 

What we do

We aim to provide the latest key updates, live up-to-the-minute FX charts and international payments, currency exchange and FX related help guides.

Who we serve

Whether you are looking at purchasing a property overseas and need an overview of how the currencies involved are performing, are interested in FX trading and require some simple guidance to ensure you are working with a good forex strategy and platform, or are simply going on holiday and require a cash delivery pick up, we aim to help as best we can.

Where we source from

Followers will find currency-specific FX news, political updates affecting currency and insight to where foreign exchange trends may go. All the guides we provide are created in-house, and all materials are sourced by Forex News Shop and our team of contributors. Read more on our Terms & Conditions page.

Why choose us

Leaning on our years of experience within the foreign exchange markets we will keep readers up to speed with key events as they develop and in many cases, provide insight into certain short and long-term currency trends. Our guides can also indicate as to how to best manage a project that involves a level of currency exposure.

However, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, and we will try our best to help.

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