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Forex News Shop is pleased to align ourselves with the very best forex trading companies, many of which offer a multitude of forex trading platforms which include MT 4 and L2 dealer plus intuitive demo accounts for newbie traders who want to gauge their abilities and strategies.

We do our very best to ensure clients have the very best experience and competitive edge via our selected FX trading partners, and always advise clients take appropriate measures in order to feel confident with their trading strategy and to ensure they read the appropriate Forex guides beforehand financially committing.

Key Benefits of Forex Trading Platforms

  • Simple and easy to use platforms and apps
  • Competitive spreads
  • Authorised and regulated partner
  • Award-winning platforms
  • 24/hr online and telephone support
  • Flexibility to trade on other indices and commodities

Award Winning Platform

Our ability to offer FX traders of all levels our cutting edge and award-winning platforms and apps is paramount. Many of our financial trading partners boast the leading technology in the market, ensuring our clients and readership the very best term, technologies, and execution.

Ensuring ultra-competitive spreads through our collaborations is not necessarily a defining factor on how we select our trading partners, though it certainly is extremely important. We consider our partners the best in class, both in terms of CFD and Spread betting pricing.

24 Hour Service

It is always possible that investors can end up losing more than initially invested. Diligence and care should be taken at all times when engaging on any type of trading platform. Furthermore, we advise our readers to actively revise before embarking on their first trades.