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Telegram App Adds Crypto Payment through Toncoin

Telegram has more than 550 million users and is the first to send Toncoin as a crypto payment. Users can receive and send Toncoin with the messaging app.


Prices of Toncoin are at $2.2887. TON/USD prices are updated in real-time. It has a market cap of USD 2.78 billion. TON circulating supply is at $1.22 Billion.

TON prices surged to $5.84 in December 2021. In 2022, TON prices are range-bound, trading at the $2 range.

Crypto Payments with Toncoin

Initially, only Toncoins can be sent through the app. For other coins, users can use the Wallet bot.

Once TON gains recognition, more consumers will use it for business payments, such as buying goods and services via the tonbots. The Telegram app is easy to use and attracts users for its simplicity and effective usage, especially in terms of security.

Telegram app is a fast and secure app that can be used on all devices. It has more than 500 million users. Just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the Telegram app performs messaging services. Subscription payment and donating funds become easier, with the cryptocurrency Toncoin.

Telegram apps allow group conversations and call contact. Just like the telephone, you can make video calls and use it to send stickers. The animated stickers are a treat to use. The convenient-to-use app is made usable on any phone or computer. It has a UI that makes it easy to send, delete or edit texts.

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Telegram Messaging App Founder

The Telegram app is a multi-platform messaging service. Pavel Durov is a Russian entrepreneur who founded the app in 2013.

Users can create bots to perform functions on the Telegram. The encrypted services allow investors to exchange cryptocurrencies and make payments to friends.  Currently, more than 800,000 users are using the Ton bot, says the TON Foundation. We hope to make it easy for users to send Toncoin, just like sending a text message say authorities from the Foundation.

In June 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Telegram Group Inc. to resolve its unregistered offering of Grams, its digital token. The company had to repay around $1.2 billion to its investors.

The TON Foundation helped to keep the project alive after being shut in August 2020. TON received $250 million as an ecosystem fund. Huobi and Kucoin are their backers. Kilo Fund, Orbs, and 3 Commas Capitals have lent a supporting hand to support the fund.

Founder Durov says that the Toncoin is a new project independent of Telegram. It is a blockchain that offers verified payment services, says Durov.

Major Features of the Telegram App

Secret chats provide privacy while chatting, but does not allow forward messages. The secret chat is one of its features that allow privacy for a person.  Self-destruct timers ensure that your chat is permanently removed. The chats are stored in the cloud, easily accessible from any device. Another unique feature is its global message deletion, by which the message can be deleted by another user.

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The Telegram API allows users to create themes and bots. If you have multiple accounts, you can access them through the user name instead of your mobile number. It can store around 2 GB of files that are easily accessible from the cloud.

However, the Telegram app lags behind other social media apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook and is yet to receive global recognition.

Top Crypto Prices Today

Top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardona have lost value in the crypto market in the last 24 hours.

The crypto market cap has come down 2.03% in value in the last 24-hours. It is currently at the $1.81 trillion mark.

Bitcoin prices are trading at $40,164 on Thursday, April 28. 2022. It fell to $37,000 on April 26.  Ethereum prices (ETH) are at $2,964, recovering from the April 26 lows at $2,768. ETH recovered 4% from the previous day’s prices.

Dogecoin prices have been very volatile. It surged to $0.169800 on April 25 and is currently trading at $0.1385.

Litecoin prices slipped below the $100 mark on April 26 and are back at the support at $103.80 levels.

The Ukraine war has hurt the global economies. The supply crisis has brought chaos to the supply chain of products and services. High inflation in the US and the UK are hurting consumer sentiment.

The Fed has taken a hawkish approach to its monetary policies. Major cryptocurrencies expect the Fed to take strict monetary tightening policies which may hurt users. Crypto prices fell on expectations of a tighter policy decision by the Fed. After the downturn, crypto prices were trading in the positive territory on Thursday, April 28.

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Investors prefer safe assets like gold and the US Dollar, while the highly volatile crypto and forex markets are taking the back seat. After the Covid pandemic, the Ukraine pandemic is hurting global economies.

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