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Neo Investors Guide: Everything You Need To Know

What is Neo?

A NEO crypto is a blockchain-based decentralized crypto trading platform. It uses blockchain technology to digitize assets using smart contracts. Also known as the Chinese Ethereum, it introduces a smart economy with a blockchain platform.

Neo Investors Guide

The digital asset is similar to the Ethereum network as it enables the development of digital crypto assets and smart contracts. According to the NEO crypto news, it uses the Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DBFT) algorithm. DBFT is the latest update with more stable features.

The platform has two tokens, Neo and Gas, capped at 100 million.

The crypto has a market cap of $2.87 billion and a ranking at 68. The circulating supply of the crypto is 72.20 million, while its total supply is at 100 million.

neo crypto

History of Neo

Founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan, NEO 2021 crypto is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency trading platform.  

The company started in 2014 as Antshares. In 2016, the company had its name changed to NEO, says NEO coin news.

  • The smart economy is the central vision of Neo. A smart economy helps to digitize physical assets. These assets can stay on the blockchain. As they offer a transparent and traceable facility, they benefit investors.
  • Any investor can develop a smart economy on the platform through the Universal Lightweight Virtual Machine, called NeoVM. It does not require a new programming language.
  • GAS is the dividend paid to NEO holders, which is the incentive that holders enjoy. GAS price values have been increasing at a faster rate, says neo crypto news.
  • NEO and GAS are two cryptocurrencies. Neo tokens show actual ownership of the blockchain, while Gas tokens give you the right to use the blockchain.
  • It can run in programming languages like C+, Python, and Java. They are programming languages that most blockchain developers know. Developers prefer it for their easy usage.
  • Users registered on the platform get a digital identity and gain protection by law. The digital identity provides information about the individual or organization. To know what happened to neo crypto, users can opt to transact among those with a similar digital identity, which gives further protection. The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) powers the digital identity.
  • DNA is Distributed Networks Architecture on Onchain, by which business people can create blockchains for both private and public sectors.

trading neo crypto

Neo Live Price Chart

Get NEO crypto latest news, trading price value, and market cap online. Analyze the charts from the price-tracking website to trade profitably. If you are interested to know what happened to Neo crypto, you get real-time data and technical indicators for a better trading strategy.


What Makes Neo Price Move

Neo crypto news says that it is one of the biggest cryptos in China and competes against Ethereum.

  • Its speedy transactions are its main attraction. NEO crypto news states that it can process more than 10,000 transactions per second. NEO allows for 10,000 transactions every second, while Ethereum allows only 15.
  • Neo 2021 crypto uses dBFT, which is more energy-efficient than Ethereum’s POW.
  • It competes against Ethereum, as developers need not learn a new programming language. For Ethereum smart contracts, users require Solidity language. But with NEO, users need knowledge of Java, Python, or C+.
  • On the best crypto trading platform like Changelly and Bitfinex, you can purchase the tokens and get the NEO crypto latest news. When you increase your trading volume, you will get the developer’s reward on Bitfinex. You can also buy NEO 2021 crypto on the Gemini crypto exchange.

Neo Price Falling

Even for those who want to know what happened to Neo crypto, the NBFT consensus is complicated and hard to understand. Ethereum has a well-established user base, and users are not willing to switch to newer crypto, especially as Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization.

Investors are not willing to trust the government system in China with its strict regulations. The recent crypto mining ban from China lost the trust of many crypto investors. Is the Neo crypto dead? No, but if legal restrictions increase further, it may lead to a drop in prices.

Neo Price Rising

Small crypto coins follow the movement of big cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The up and down volatile price movement of the NEO/USD pair is similar to that of the trending prices of Bitcoin. In March 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, as per Neo coin news, its prices slid to low levels, in tandem with the movement of the Bitcoin prices. 

In July 2020, Neo cryptos partnered with Blockchain Services Network, BSN. The partnership pushed the Neo 2021 crypto price value higher.

Prices surged higher on the Neo crypto latest news that BSN offers a cheap platform for all blockchain projects to create a digital economy. Investors prefer to make investments when there is a good news flow on the crypto market.

Binance.US, Bitfinex, and are some of the best US crypto exchanges. Many investors prefer US crypto exchanges for their ease of use and simple apps. For free crypto trading, you can choose the best US crypto exchanges. They are Binance.US, Robinhood crypto, and Voyager.

Ways To Invest In Neo

To invest in Neo 2021 crypto, you should get a wallet. Locate your address and deposit crypto into your account. You can also use your credit card to make deposits. Buy your Neo 2021 crypto coin and withdraw your token through your address.

  • You can buy crypto with fiat currencies or with a credit card.
  • You can also convert other crypto coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum into Neo.
  • You can purchase them on exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Changelly, Bitfinex, and

After purchasing the crypto, you should transfer them to a wallet. Keep yourself updated on the Neo crypto latest news. You can sell them when prices move higher.

You can use some of the best apps to buy cryptocurrency, like the Bitbns app. You can trade crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Neo on it. For free crypto trading,  choose cryptocurrency platforms that charge zero fees. You can also get to know what happened to Neo crypto prices on these platforms.

How To Open A Neo Wallet

Keep your Neo tokens in your wallet to keep them secure. If you do not plan to trade actively on your crypto assets, they should be kept safe in the crypto wallet. You can store them in hardware or software wallets. However, you need constant updates on Neo crypto latest news.

You should first open a Neo digital wallet. The official wallets are available for desktop, web, and mobile. It is best to make investments when Neo crypto news is positive.

  • Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that is safe and simple to use. You can store them offline, which keeps them safe from hackers.
  • Exodus is best for beginners, as its interface is easy to understand. It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  • Binance Wallet is a web wallet and exchange where you can store and trade your crypto. It is convenient, and you can earn GAS on it. NEOgas gets deposited to it.
  • Neon Wallet holds your tokens on which you can claim GAS.
  • Neo Tracker is a light wallet that is independent of Neo. You can explore and interact with the Neo blockchain through the web.
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Neo Funds

Neo gets funds from the public community, says Neo crypto news.

It raised funds in 2016 through the initial coin offering. With new tokens, the development team meets long-term targets and goals.

Founders Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei operate the Neo Foundation. The foundation provides funds to make upgrades on Neo. It enables the adoption of the network. The fund stimulates the continual development of the crypto to build decentralization applications. Keep yourself updated about the latest Neo coin news.

Neo coins have a maximum supply of 100 million and a circulating supply of 70 million coins, states Neo coin news. Investors received the crypto through an initial coin offering raising $4.65 million. New tokens are unlocked to meet long-term development targets. You can get the latest crypto news on your mobile apps to know what happened to Neo crypto.

Best Performing Neo Funds

The Neo is a community-driven project with hundreds of developers and a few core developers. Digital identities help developers comply with regulatory requirements like KYC and AML. The Neo blockchain generates Gas tokens which are separate assets on its network. If you want to know what happened to Neo crypto, you can get crypto messages through the app on your mobile phone.

Biggest Neo funds

Best crypto exchanges that allow NEO trading are Binance, Upbit, BitMart, Changelly PRO.

Best Neo Trading News Sources

For Neo crypto latest news and articles in blockchain and digital currencies, you can pursue crypto news websites such as DailyCoin, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, and CryptoSlate.

You can watch top stories and articles on crypto news on websites online. Users benefit from updates on Neo data, charts, prices, trading volume, etc. It helps to analyze the future trend of the crypto market.

Is Neo A Good Investment (chart and summary)

The NEO 2021 crypto saw wild volatility spikes this year.

Neo was trading below $25 in 2019 and 2020.

Earlier in 2018, it shot to life highs at $198.60 in January 2018. The ICO value in August 2017 was $0.0320.

Neo started the year 2021 at $14.00. By April 2021, Bitcoin prices shot up to new life highs, and small crypto-like Neo also shot up to $122. The Neo 3.0 rollout helped its prices to move higher. So, to answer the question is neo crypto dead, we can say that Neo shows a promising sign of moving to new high prices.  

In May 2021, the crypto shot to the year high to $138.70 as part of the bullish trend in the crypto market. 

In July 2021, it slid to $26.70, with the crash in Bitcoin prices. In August 2021, it was at $59.85.

In September 2021, it moved to $65.30. Traders expect Neo prices to rise to $80 by the end of 2021.

As of November 2021, at the time of writing, Neo prices are trading at $40.76.

As investors, you should keep in constant touch with Neo coin news.

Is Neo A Good Investment

Is Neo A Genuine Investment

The NEO blockchain handles up to 1000 transactions per second.

There is a high potentiality for growth, as it supports programming languages like Python, Java, and C+. Its smart economy concept can revolutionize the financial world, states the Neo crypto latest news.

It is best to educate yourself on crypto. Don’t invest in crypto blindly. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose. You should know what happened to Neo crypto prices to be profitable on your investments.

Neo Links With The Dark Web

Illegal activities of the dark web have strong links with the crypto markets. The crypto market provides extreme privacy and helps to avoid regulatory surveillance.

Sophisticated criminals involved in drugs, pornography, and other nefarious activity have links to the crypto market. Is Neo crypto dead? No, it is gaining popularity through the Dark Web.

The high value of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum makes people prefer low-priced coins like the NEO for their dark activities. If you receive negative Neo crypto news, it is best to stay away from the crypto to protect your investment.

Trading Neo Crypto

If you plan to trade on your Neo, you should keep your crypto safe on the exchange. You require high-tech wallets that allow you to exchange crypto through smart contracts for crypto currency trading. If you have it in the wallet, you can send it to the exchange by entering the Neo exchange address in your wallet.

Crypto currency trading depends on speculating on the price movement through the CFD trading account. You can buy and sell the coins through an exchange whenever the Neo coin news is positive.  

How To Trade Neo

Binance is the best exchange to buy, sell and trade Neo. When you buy crypto on Robinhood such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Neo, you can buy and sell them using the app.

  • Day trading crypto is short-term trading. You can buy and sell crypto and make profits on the same day, only if you get updates on the Neo crypto latest news. You need to understand your risk tolerance for crypto day trading. Unlike the stock or forex market, crypto does not depend on the earnings report or the interest rate decision of central banks. But you can start with a small amount of capital. Do not take many risks on day trading crypto. Have a secure wallet to store your crypto asset safely. The Robinhood crypto day trading offers zero-fee trading. Day trading strategy is best when you receive positive updates through Neo crypto news.
  • Scalping is a short-term trading strategy. You can jump in and out of a trade within a matter of seconds. Make sure that you do not pay a high commission fee for scalping. Choose exchanges that do not charge high rates.
  • Swing trading is a short-term trading strategy. It is also known as range trading. Buy the crypto at the bottom of the range and sell it at the top level. Use technical analysis to identify the range limits for trade, and make sure you know what happened to Neo crypto by getting Neo crypto news.
  • Position trading is for a longer duration than day trading. It involves fewer risks. Here you have to identify the market trend and ride the price up or down. At resistance, you sell the crypto, and at the support price, you can buy it. When you receive
  • Cryptocurrency trading platforms allow users to utilize automated crypto trading bots through a study of the Neo crypto news. Traders can use automated trading bots to copy the acts of traders who make regular profits. Investors can track top portfolios for successful trading. 3Commas is a trading platform that allows crypto trading bots.
  • Neo cryptocurrency futures enable the trader to take a long position when the market goes up and a short position whenever the market goes down. A cryptocurrency future is an agreement to sell the crypto on a future contract. The best crypto platforms for crypto trading are Binance, Bitfines, Coinbase, and Changelly. Webull crypto fees are nil, but it charges a spread of 100 basis points.
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Ensuring My Neo Trading Is Profitable

Identify the trend of the crypto using technical analysis. Buy at the support levels and sell at resistance levels. To be profitable, you can buy on pullbacks and wait for an uptrend. Day trading cryptocurrency and scalping are the most used trading strategies.

You can earn rewards through staking. It maximizes holdings. You can also store them in wallets.

You can send Neo through Binance Pay. You can also buy goods and services with digital assets. There are many retailers and vendors who accept crypto.

Neo is the latest addition to eToro crypto, which has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum, etc. Other top crypto exchanges that investors prefer are Robinhood cryptocurrency, Gemini, and Binance.

Buying Neo Beginners Vs. Professionals

Binance supports more than 300 crypto tokens. You can exchange any crypto to purchase Neo. As a beginner, you can have an app on your phone to help you trade easily. Choose the best app for crypto trading so that you get a wide selection of crypto coins. The best cryptocurrency brokers are eToro, CashApp, and PayPal, where you can buy, sell and trade crypto by paying a commission.

Beginners prefer to invest in well-known crypto like XRP, Dogecoin, Solana, Ethereum, etc. Professionals prefer large-value coins like Bitcoin and the lesser-known Neo.

Beginners see the crypto market as a place to get quick money. They do not use technical analysis for placing a trade but prefer to listen to expert advice. Professional crypto traders analyze the crypto market using analytical tools, price movement, etc. Beginners see small profits, but their losses are high. Professionals can reap higher profits. Professionals learn from mistakes.

Professions prefer to use price graphs and other technical analyses for trading. Best crypto trading platforms like allow users to trade, sell, buy and spend. It charges the lowest fees of 0.04% to 0.20%. Best crypto trading apps from Robinhood crypto provide a user-friendly mobile app and charge no extra fee for the crypto trade.

Best Way For Beginners To Buy Neo

As a beginner, you can get a NEO wallet. You can deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum, or other leading currencies. You can then exchange them for Neo tokens. As the best cryptocurrency brokers, Coinmama has a user-friendly crypto marketplace.

View the latest Neo coin news and make a decision to make an investment.

You can also buy it for fiat currencies. Beginners who want to buy Neo with fiat currency like the US Dollar or the British Pound can buy it on Poloniex or Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinsport crypto exchanges. 

The best cryptocurrency exchanges for crypto trading are Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase,, and Changelly. Buy the crypto and transfer it to a wallet. While trading crypto, choose exchanges that charge no fee or low fee. Cryptocurrency trading on Binance is easy for beginners. They charge a fee of 0.1% fee as a cost per trade. Binance is one of the most liquid top crypto exchanges.

Binance offers a cryptocurrency exchange wallet to trade NEO. You can download the wallet app on your mobile device. You can access new coins easily.

How Pros Buy And Invest In Neo

Professionals who want to invest in crypto buy it on HYCM, which offers a large crypto line-up. Traders use price-tracking online to buy, sell and trade the crypto. Professional traders can trade crypto with Bitcoin or US Dollars.

By downloading the mobile app, traders perform transactions anywhere, anytime. Apart from Neo, other crypto tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and XRP exist. There are new coins introduced often. Trading crypto is made easier by apps accessible on mobiles, laptops, and other devices.  Keep yourself updated on Neo USD prices, Neo coin news, and videos to know the best time to enter crypto trading.

Professionals prefer to trade options, futures, and CFD through a regulated broker. Trading bots are automated trading tools to execute a trade. Traders set up bots to perform trading activities.

Neo Cryptos Unique Features

Neo gains high popularity with unique aspects that other crypto lack.

Neo crypto stored in virtual wallets come with a unique private key. There is no institution supervision over the crypto. It also means that revoking transactions is not possible. Transactions made through smart contracts do not require any central governance. Expert users in Go, Python, Java, and C# can easily use the network. It has a large community that contributes to the platform.

Users have the option to link their physical assets onto the Neo platform. Their digital assets are protected by law and registered on the platform. They get a digital identity that provides verifiable key information about the entities.  

It provides a digital identity to individuals and businesses operating on the NEO platform. Transactions are made only between those with the required identity. It makes the Neo crypto network regulatory compliant.

Neo founders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan created Onchain in 2014. Onchain’s Distributed Networks Architecture enables private and public blockchains. It helps in customizing the specific needs of the crypto industry.

Tax Liabilities On Neo

All profits from the transaction on the Neo crypto are taxable. Stay updated on Neo crypto news for taxation purposes.

Tax On Neo US

Retail transactions such as the purchase and sale of goods in crypto are liable for tax payment. The mining of crypto is a capital gains tax in the US.

The federal tax rate and the crypto tax rate follow the same capital gains regulations.

The IRS clarifies that all crypto transactions are taxable. You have to pay tax when you buy, trade, or dispose of their crypto. Short-term taxes are 10% to 37%. Long-term taxes are 0% to 20%.

Tax On Neo UK

You have to pay taxes on the profit from crypto transactions in the UK. Capital gains tax is payable on the crypto. The HMRC classifies crypto into exchange tokens, utility tokens, security tokens, and stable coins. Keep in touch with the crypto market to gather information on the latest Neo coin news and taxation regulations.

HRMC tax treatment depends on the use of the token and the nature of the token. If you reside in the UK, you have to pay taxes on the profits made on your holdings.

How Much Do You Need To Start Investing In Neo

Investors interested in crypto investment and trading should expose only 2% to 5% of net worth in the Neo 2021 crypto. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose, as it is a speculative market. You cannot buy it in fractional quantitates, and the smallest unit that you can buy is one token. Make a research on Neo crypto news before making investments.

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Neo vs. Ethereum

The crypto world is very competitive, and Neo competes against Ethereum and is called “Chinese Ethereum” and the “Next Ethereum”. In terms of technology, Neo comes with better features and is a close competitor to Ethereum.

Ethereum is the second most popular crypto after Bitcoin. Neo uses NEO tokens for payments and GAS tokens as transaction fees. is a travel website that accepts NEO cryptocurrency payments. There is a possibility for Neo to gain the support of the Chinese government in the years ahead.

  • Ethereum and NEO help new cryptocurrencies to launch their ICOs on their platforms. These platforms are designed for dApps and smart contracts too. Developers use these platforms to build their applications on existing platforms like Ethereum and NEO.
  • NEO handles around 10,000 transactions per second, while Ethereum supports only 15 transactions per second. The gap in the transaction speed is huge and NEO has a big advantage over Ethereum and Bitcoin, as it provides speedy transactions.
  • NEO supports languages like Java, C++, C#, and Go, while Ethereum supports only Solidity, a new language. Users prefer using NEO blockchain, as it helps them build smart contracts and dApps, in languages like Java and C++, which they already know. 
  • Neo has a head start over Bitcoin as it uses smart contracts.
  • However, NEO is indivisible and cannot be divided into smaller units or gas.

Neo Price Prediction in 2022

As of December 2021, NEO ranks as the 53rd cryptocurrency. NEO faced a wild and volatile movement in prices in 2021. It surged to $138.70 in May 2021 but closed at $24 in December. Almost every cryptocurrency prices were down in December 2021, and Neo was no exception, as it drifted towards the year-low levels.

If China brings down strict regulations on the crypto market, especially third-party coins, it will signal a downtrend in Neo prices. Neo crypto prices may drift lower in 2022. But if it gains recognition from the government, it may surge higher. Sources say that NEO has the support of the Chinese government and is the perfect solution as an alternative to Ethereum.

Neo 3.0 upgrade may uplift Neo prices. N3 comes with a unique feature, the NeoID. It is a built-in Oracle identity system that can connect users to the traditional internet through web 3.0.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

The year 2022 is going to be good for the crypto market. Digital currency is gaining acceptance, and new investors are attracted to the digital market. Meme coins soared to high levels in 2021, but the fiscal withdrawal planned by the Fed in 2022 will not work for the meme coins this year.

A look at the best cryptocurrencies 2022 will give more clarity to investors looking for profits.

  • Solana (SOL) is a network that can handle more transactions and has a growing adoption of users. It may become a stiff competitor to Ethereum. Ethereum gas prices have gone up. Ethereum charges $50 per swap while Solana promises 1 cent for transactions. It offers 50,000 transactions per second. Solano (SOL) prices are at $137.90 in January 2022, and its chances to zoom to the 2021 highs at $260 are good, once it crosses $150.
  • Flux (FLUX) is a trending cryptocurrency with many investors adopting its usage. FLUX empowers the Flux ecosystem to buy resources and to trade on FluxOS. Operators can use numerous servers at the same time. It is still in its early stages, and price predictions may not be very accurate. It is currently trading at $2.15 as of January 2022 and has a high chance to provide better returns to investors looking for low-priced, best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.
  • Ripple’s (XRP) has the right network to make international money transfers easily. Though it faces an SEC lawsuit, it shows an impressive performance. Once the SEC suit comes to a close, the network may gain tremendous acceptance. XRP price shot to $1.96 in April 2021 but is trading at $0.7415 in January 2022. It is a great low investment and the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.
  • Reddit crypto suggests best cryptocurrencies 2022 to investors. Stellar, TRON, Polygon, and Tether come on the list of best crypto to invest in 2022. Axie Infinity is crypto on which investors play video games to make profits. During the pandemic, many investors who turned to crypto have become addicted to online games, which is not a healthy sign for society. Samoyedcoin is a meme coin that Reddit crypto recommends. It bears the image of a cute dog and is lighthearted crypto that attracts the attention of investors.

Neo investors summary

Neo is a blockchain technology-based project. It aims to digitize assets through digital identity.

It uses smart contracts to automate digital asset management. A distributed network helps to bring a “smart economy”. Whenever you get positive updates on Neo coin news, prices of Neo move in an upward direction.

Through digital identity, NEO can connect both physical assets and the digital currencies. It uses digital identities for verification such as fingerprint, facial features, voice, and SMS as authentication methods. Whenever investors wonder what happened to Neo crypto, it comes up with new features.

The Neo network offers a decentralized file storage facility. The oracle system is perfect to feed price data and other information on it.

Prices went lower when China and South Korea brought strict regulations on the crypto market.   Co-founder Da Hongfei had the strict Chinese regulatory system in mind when they created Neo. The founders made it so that it would match Chinese regulations.

Prices went lower when China and South Korea brought strict regulations on the crypto market.   Co-founder Da Hongfei had the Chinese regulatory methods in mind when he created the crypto. He made it so that it would be adjusted to match Chinese regulations.

Investors who believe that smart contracts are the future of the crypto market can invest in crypto. However, get the Neo crypto latest news before you invest your money.

Neo 2021 crypto facilitates millions of transactions through its decentralized ledger. Banks and companies have to rethink their business transactions.

Skeptics warn investors on holding it as a long-term investment, as it is a risky asset. The lowest fees crypto exchanges for the digital assets are Binance, Kraken,, and Bisq. Kraken has a stylish user interface with good security features, preferred for professional trading.

It is best to have a diversified portfolio in crypto, stock, and forex markets. Beginners buy when there is euphoria and the market prices are high and sell when there is panic in the market, when there is negative Neo coin news, at low costs. So stay calm and invest wisely in Neo 2021 crypto.

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