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5 Types of Cryptocurrency Business Ideas to Inspire You

Ask anyone in technology, and without question, 2021 would be “The Year of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.” Since 2020, there has been a surge in entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups towards starting an innovative cryptocurrency business. Now, projects and companies have become well developed.

Cryptocurrency Business Ideas

With “BitExchange”, you can get ready-made blockchain projects to start your business in 2021 straight away. With this technology available, what cryptocurrency business ideas are there?

What Is A Crypto Business?

A crypto business uses bitcoin and other digital tokens for the purpose of making transactions, investments, and other operational activities. Businesses get exposure to new asset classes. While some companies use crypto for payment purposes, others hold crypto in their balance sheet. An entrepreneur who has a clear insight into crypto and its benefits gets new clientele. They prefer transactions in crypto.

What You Need To Know Before Starting A Crypto Business

Consider the various aspects of crypto and its operations before starting a crypto business. It should suit your business objectives. When you embark on the new crypto journey, you should determine the costs, requirements, risks, benefits, and drawbacks of using crypto. To become the best US crypto exchange, you should provide a secure exchange that makes it easy to store, trade, buy and sell cryptocurrency. When the investor has the best app for crypto trading, it makes it easy to trade.

1. Cost Of Starting A Cryptocurrency Business

Gain knowledge about the approximate costs involved in the cryptocurrency business before starting on your project. You can make money with your best crypto exchange with new clients and traders. Trading cryptocurrencies help your investors to make money with cryptocurrency. It will make your best US crypto exchange business profitable.

  • Business costs include registering your business in your jurisdiction, legal counsel, cost of hosting the technology, etc.
  • Operational costs to be met are minimal.
  • Calculate the total costs to be met and attain adequate funding.

2. Legal And Regulatory Implication Of A Crypto Business

  • Get to know more about the proper licensing requirements.
  • Seek legal counsel and get the required license from the jurisdiction where you plan to start your business.
  • Register for state and federal taxes.
  • Maintain accurate accounts to simplify your tax filing.
  • Gain protection from cybercrime and hacking by complying with PCI DSS.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the venture.

First Steps To Start A Crypto Business

There are three options to choose from when you start a crypto business.

  • You can create your own cryptocurrency. You should know how to use your own cryptocurrency in your business.
  • You can act as a crypto exchange intermediary to crypto buyers and sellers. You will get a commission fee. You can also provide a free crypto trading option to new traders, or you can charge a low fee structure.
  • You can use a combination of both these crypto business models.

Identify your target market. Stay competitive by offering the lowest transaction fee. Implement secure technology such as offline cold storage wallets, and encrypted databases, so that there are no data breaches. Plan your marketing activities and stay connected with crypto news exchanges like Coindesk. Provide customer support for successful crypto business. Stay connected with other exchange networks for more liquidity.

Launch your business and test it to verify its capabilities. Take advantage of the trading opportunity and reap high profits. Gain expertise on your cryptocurrency trading platform.

Common Cryptocurrency Business Models

Generating revenue is the basis of any cryptocurrency business model.  You get individual ownership and help users in the transfer of digital assets without involving any middlemen.

In a crypto business, transactions are confidential and secure. With a low transfer fee, you can provide international transaction facilities.

Traders prefer free crypto trading in crypto offerings like Bitcoin, Ethreum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. You need domain knowledge and expertise to run your best crypto exchanges. Only then can you reap profits from the volatile movements in cryptocurrency assets..

Let us look at some of the common cryptocurrency business models.

  1. Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Service
  2. Crypto Bank For Lending
  3. Cryptocurrency Exchange Business
  4. Blockchain Powered Cross-Border Payments Applications
  5. Cryptocurrency Wallets

Primary Types Of Crypto Business

Crypto businesses should have adequate security features. The US crypto exchanges provide limited margin trading, as well as a discount on trading fees. Poor security features will open up the possibility of hacking.

Have the best crypto trading apps for novice investors and experts alike. It will enhance the crypto user’s experience and add more crypto for free to your portfolio. Provide the best app for crypto trading in everyone’s hands. It helps to buy and sell crypto without much ado. Observe crypto exchanges like Coinbase, which provides the best app to purchase cryptocurrency, and makes crypto trading secure and transparent.

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1. A Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Service

Crowdfunding helps to raise money from a large number of people. They pool funds together to raise huge capital to start an enterprise. Individuals and companies can donate using online facilities, small amounts of money, as an investment into startups or for a specific cause called crowdfunding.

Small but mass participation of investing from the “average” investors is definitely one of the hot growth areas of finance in the last five years. They contribute anything from a minimum of £10 to an unlimited amount until they reach the desired target. In return, they get proportionate equity.


Top crypto exchanges cater to recreational clients and institutional who can invest surplus funds. Such clients can invest in your crypto business if you provide the best app to buy cryptocurrency, with more features and a low fee structure in your new venture.


Traders prefer the top cryptocurrency exchanges by making comparisons on the fee charged and transparency in trading. Trading crypto does not consider age, gender, or geographic location.

Users prefer using the best crypto trading apps on their home screens. It will simplify the life of the investor or trader. Some of the best day trading cryptos are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ripple.


  • A blockchain-powered crowdfunding business enables investors of all backgrounds and across different countries to back good ideas without any limitations. It can be done with almost any viable cryptocurrency (no need to change fiat) from anywhere in the world, instantly thanks to blockchain transaction technology. US crypto exchanges are decentralized and are not subject to any regulatory body in running the system. You should ensure that your company servers are secure to safeguard sensitive data.


  • A “plug and play” crowdfunding script would help to start a crowdfunding business immediately. Every transaction is done through the crypto trading platform, whether people buy a token, sell tokens. When creators want to withdraw the sum in a fiat currency, they would be subject to a small commission in percentage form. The high volatile nature of digital assets makes day trading crypto interesting. Cryptocurrency futures provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin trading without holding the underlying crypto. Day traders make a lot of trading transactions and prefer the lowest fees crypto exchanges.


2. A Crypto Bank For Lending

As the world of finance changes, the way of capital lending changes, and the definition of capital is also changing. Most millennials are looking for avenues to make wise investments with fewer risks and high returns. It is a pre-built, educated, and ambitious market to go after. Ecommerce benefits from the crypto bank for lending.

  • By offering a guaranteed return for a fixed period, you can woo investors who are willing to lend their cryptocurrency assets for trade. Alternatively, it could be as simple as lending a stable or most dominant cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin borrowing and lending script.
  • Revenue into your business would be partially through the investments you make with these cryptocurrencies. It will also be through interest paid back by the borrower. The Cryptocurrency future allows you to speculate on the crypto’s future price.
  • With your lowest fee crypto exchange, you can attract more users like day traders and institutions who trade massively. You should provide facilities similar to eToro crypto so that investors, from beginners to experts, in crypto trading, benefit from such facilities.
  • Top cryptocurrency exchanges provide facilities like charging low or no fees, offering more currencies, and providing secure transactions.
  • You can introduce cash management like crypto on Robinhood to help users earn interest on their uninvested funds. You can observe features from such brokers to attract new users.
  • If you accept crypto payment on your exchange, you should follow all legal regulations and pay your taxes. Be alert about the KYC procedures. Cryptocurrency trading is possible between two users directly using private and public keys. Crypto on Robinhood is a US-based broker regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC and the FINRAI.

Start your lending business, manage your customers, keep track of transactions, automatically remind borrowers to pay back on time across channels, etc,

Crypto And Ecommerce

Cryptocurrency in e-commerce is gaining popularity. Retailers and consumers are turning to digital forms of payment with cryptocurrency. The rapid growth of popularity of crypto currency trading is promoting eCommerce trade.  In particular, the United States is one of the most crypto-friendly countries which favors crypto currency trading.

  • Payment giants like PayPal and Visa play a vital role in promoting crypt payment facilities. They help US customers to use crypto coins to make payments online. Retail companies do not require additional fees or integrations.
  • An online marketplace like eBay has plans to accept crypto payments.
  • Social giants like Facebook are looking into ways and means to introduce real-time e-commerce transactions.
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Using crypto in eCommerce promotes quick transactions and increases new customer traffic. Cryptocurrency trading provides lower transaction costs and increases security. Investors get a good shopping experience.

Users prefer well-designed, user-friendly features, similar to the Robinhood cryptocurrency, as they prefer such attributes. Attract more traders by having a crypto exchange with the lowest fees. Bittrex offers payment types like debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, etc. Provide such features, as new investors prefer them.

Cryptocurrency exchange business

Cryptocurrency exchange business
Image credit: Travis / Adobe Stock

A cryptocurrency exchange is critical for investors in the current world of eCommerce and trade. They can seamlessly trade (buy or sell) their cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. Investors can convert their crypto to various fiat currencies like (USD, AUD, EUR, GBP).

  1. High Growth Potential: Though the crypto market is comparatively smaller than the forex market, the growth potential is high through crypto trading. Increasing awareness on mainstream media on crypto makes more private investors diversify their portfolios. The present scale of demand in crypto trading is too high to be met by the existing exchanges. Hence, there is scope for newer crypto exchanges to enter the crypto business.
  2. Adhere to Rules: Start a cryptocurrency exchange that covers KYC, CTF, and AML policies for better security. You can also lend your crypto coins to other traders and generate interest from the loan. Follow SEC and CFTX rules with legal counsel. Adhere to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations. These rules and regulations are the prerequisites for starting a crypto exchange.
  3. Enjoy Profits: You can invest and trade in the cryptocurrency exchange business. You can also use your coins to stake and lend them to others or the system. You need technical and analytical skills to become a successful trader.

You can stake your coins and lock them in a cryptocurrency wallet. You will receive rewards for staking them. Observe some successful brokers like Robinhood cryptocurrency, which provides low trading fees and no withdrawal fee amount. When you implement some of the best features like Robinhood cryptocurrency, your cryptocurrency exchange business will definitely be a success.

  1. Attract Investors: With US crypto exchanges, you can help those interested in making investments in cryptocurrency.

The boom in cryptocurrency attracts Gen Z and millennials to crypto day trading. Most people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 recession. Now, they are anxious to cash in on everything, in particular, through crypto day trading.

If the exchange is the perfect blend of user experience, security, and broad options for users to trade, then it’s very much a case of “build it, and people will come”.

  • Be the best crypto broker to provide a crypto exchange platform with advanced tools. Traders prefer crypto exchange with the lowest fees, especially if the number of trade is high.
  • Best crypto trading platforms allow users to buy, sell and trade on important cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash.
  • There is no deposit fee or withdrawal of Bittrex fees to the bank account. But trading Bittrex fee is 0.25%. Make it easier to buy and sell digital coins with high-security features and low fees on your cryptocurrency platform. Some of the cryptocurrency trading platforms like eToro crypto provide investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks.
  • Automated software like a crypto trading bot helps users buy and sell crypto at the right time. The crypto trading bot has the software to reduce losses and increase revenue on the best crypto platforms.
  • Day trading crypto provides valuable trading opportunities, as you can place orders at any time. When you buy and sell crypto on the same day, it is known as day trading crypto.

As a crypto broker, you should provide investors with real-time data for better trading. Top crypto exchanges provide traders with an easy-to-use website and trading platform for crypto.

4. Blockchain Powered Cross-Border Payments Applications

Payments and fintech is the hot commodity for top finance companies to acquire this year. You can wire money on almost any messaging app these days, as well as on banks, brokerages, and standard payment apps.

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Earlier, making cross-border payments through corporate or private means was expensive, and settlement took days. Middlemen like banks, exchange agencies, etc., caused delays. At every stage of a transaction, there were settlement systems making money.

  • Helps to stores digital records of transcripts and certificates in the educational sector.
  • Streamlines the payment process in the automotive sector.
  • Distributed ledgers increase supply chain visibility in the agriculture industry.
  • Blockchain is the solution to provide automated settlement for safe, transparent transactions in the supply chain, which improves traceability.
  • In the retail sector, it streamlines transactions. All this at a fraction of the cost and less than a day. Hence, cryptocurrency platforms are leading in the list of trending cryptocurrency business ideas. Cryptocurrency brokers meet the needs of different crypto investors to provide crypto investing and trading styles.
  • With the best crypto platforms, you can provide a user-friendly interface with high liquidity and secure services in the healthcare sector.
  • Crypto trading bots help retail investors. By using crypto trading bots, traders can buy low and sell at higher prices within a specific price range.
  • Best cryptocurrency brokers have different strengths. Have a social trading platform so that you can copy other crypto traders trading into your own account. You can make transactions using a broad selection of altcoins.

5. Cryptocurrency Wallets

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency exchanges are extremely vulnerable to attacks and safety and security. The best crypto trading platforms provide essential benefits like security, integrated safe wallets, and cold storage.

  • Purchase the crypto and move the tokens to a secure cryptocurrency wallet. Traders shift the cryptocurrencies to a safe wallet, not operated by the crypto exchange itself. It provides higher security to crypto assets.
  • By starting a wallet-as-a-service platform, you can securely store the cryptocurrencies on behalf of the users. As the best cryptocurrency exchange, you can also diversify platforms.
  • If you make additional provisions to send and receive crypto on your cryptocurrency trading platform, it will facilitate easy trading.
  • You should add KYC into the crypto AML programs. It serves as a verification process and keeps track of the activities of your customer.
  • Some of the US crypto exchanges have a broad amount of cryptocurrencies and provide high cybersecurity ratings.


You would make money on every transaction executed through the wallet or charge them a subscription fee for constantly predicted income. Best cryptocurrency brokers address the needs of traders and investors. It will meet the needs of various cryptocurrency investing and trading styles.

Crypto Business Ideas

Be the best cryptocurrency broker and provide a social trading platform that traders prefer.

  • Start a Cryptocurrency business
  • Start a decentralized app
  • Start a Bitcoin Forum
  • Start a Cybersecurity system
  • Start a Crypto vending machine
  • Start a Crypto real estate business
  • Start a Merchant wallet account
  • Start a Successful Crypto Exchange Service

Future of crypto businesses

Mainstream institutions that adopted cryptocurrency find it easier and cheaper to make transactions across borders within minutes. It has become a global phenomenon with evolving technology.

PayPay, one of the pioneers to adopt a crypto payment system, allows customers to buy and make transactions with cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Visa allows transactions using the Ethereum Blockchain.

Tesla allows customers to purchase its vehicles using Bitcoin.

Mastercard publicly endorses the use of Bitcoin.

Expedia and Microsoft accept cryptocurrency payments.

  • In the future, adopting cryptocurrency will make it easier in payroll payment for employees working across the globe.
  • Cross-border transactions become cheaper. It helps to make instant payment across borders with minimum or no-fee charges.
  • Transactions will have more liquidity, and users can know all details immediately.
  • It removes the need for intermediaries like bankers.
  • Crowdfunding will become more transparent. The Blockchain wallet makes it easier for the public to know about the total amount of donations through the crypto wallet.


With a little bit of experience and luck, you can make money on your crypto business exchange. There is high growth potential in the crypto market. Choose the strategy that suits your requirements. But remember that the crypto industry has its limitations, as it involves a high degree of risk.

The crypto business is still in its initial development stage. But, to make money is the challenge that you have to face in your new venture.

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