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4 World-Changing Crypto and Blockchain Companies You Need to Know About

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain all you hear is “Bitcoin this” and “Ripple that.” A lot of traditional media focus on the top 10 cryptocurrencies and any tiny bit of gossip or information. In the last 24 months, more talent has come into the crypto digital world and more ideas therefore change is potentially on the way. What tends to happen is a lot of the stories are negative focusing on hacks or a mega critic or over-enthusiastic bull.

4 World-Changing Crypto and Blockchain Companies You Need to Know About

However, we’ve correlated some of the most exciting and potentially society-changing blockchain companies that could make life quicker, simpler and more stress-free.


This is probably the most exciting as MediBloc can affect change to anyone and everyone regardless of the country they live in. The health industry is usually nationalised, expensive, bureaucratic but crucially very slow. This project tackles the problem of centralized electronic health record data storage, by transferring medical, specifically patient data back to the individual. Typically, wait times for a result or appointment can cause more problems than it solves due to the number of parties involved in the process. This will revolutionise the industry if it balloons as it can increase efficiency, cut patient stress and reduce error.

Specifically, MediBloc is a decentralized, open-source healthcare data platform, designed to give full ownership of personal data to patients all subject to their approval. As part of its ecosystem, participants such as medical institutions, research organizations, insurers and health care providers can find a secure and transparent exchange of data. With these companies involved it can be commercialised from all parts of the ecosystem. This would place patients at the centre of the process, not manufacturers, pharma companies or insurance companies. What’s more is the way it’s built is it leaves the ability for medical services to be built on top of the platform.

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Let’s importantly but equally cool is in the field of Virtual reality (VR). VR companies are popping up all over the world as it becomes the next big thing in entertainment tech. CEEK uses blockchain and crypto tokens to allow flexible interactions and transactions – in a virtual universe. Facebook has committed intensely to gaming and VR and the E-sports industry is evolving into to VR and CEEK plans to be the centre of it

Already, it has an existing VR infrastructure, including virtual venues where users can attend sports events, watch live music concerts. It can have its theory applied to education, again all this can be rolled out globally. One of its main USP’s is the platform uses proof of stake and voting to give users a level of control and choice over what happens in the virtual world.


Reduction of needless plastic and cleaning up the oceans is a very hot topic in the western world at the moment. The environment and “being green” is finally becoming cool.  The environment industry will be positively affected by blockchain is the environment and sustainability. The company in question is Verdium, an environmental blockchain company, producing sustainability solutions and is in partnership with IBM among other top US companies. The cryptocurrency industry is environmentally friendly but mining and the energy needs is always a concern. The Veridium project has created a tokenized carbon offset solution, to bring new liquidity to environmental trading markets and create simplified carbon accounting for enterprise users. The way its structured means carbon emissions associated with the digital token itself can be offset, thereby mitigating the growing concern over the carbon emissions associated with negative connotations.

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Before we start, it’s probably good to read our article that summarises what the Tron (TRX) project is and we love it. Tron is smartly capitalising on the tech boom with all the big players. Just these weeks there are strong rumours of a partnership with Oracle and Baidu.

Tron is focused on the gaming, media and entertainment industry. Instead of a centralized entity that chooses what content to host and how users can consume it, TRON puts this responsibility in the hands of the user. What results is a decentralized marketplace where people can host, store and consume user content on their own terms without a needless mid-point. TRON has made some bold and aggressive strategic moves recently. It purchased BitTorrent and made itself one of the largest decentralised networks by launching “Project Atlas.”

The beauty of how this can be distributed and used within its target industries, it could be white labelled and you could use its technology and tokens and you won’t even realise it’s happening. That’s progression.

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