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Young Cryptocurrency Innovators in 30 Under 30 Forbes List

Forbes published the names of young and successful entrepreneurs in its 30 Under 30 list. The list has 10 young leaders from the blockchain and crypto world.

Forbes 30 Under 30 list includes Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs

Forbes has published the 30 Under 30 list for 2021. Young, dynamic and successful entrepreneurs in the crypto world are listed here. There are more than 600 awardees in 20 categories. Crypto leaders have been recognized in the list in categories like Venture Capital and Finance. Of the 10 leaders finding their way into the Forbes list, seven of them are in the finance category, one from Ventura capital, one in manufacturing, and one from energy.

Sam Bankman-Fried, 28, founder, crypto derivatives exchange FTX in Hong Kong. He is the CEO of Alamada Research. The FTX founder was one of the top contributors to President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign, by donating more than $5M. Bankman-Fried says that he made the donation through Alameda, of which he is the CEO. The trading and market-making firm manages more than $100 million in digital assets. The crypto trading company has a daily turnover of about $1.5 billion and is the biggest in the crypto world.

Brian Tubergen, 29, is the founder, Chief Product Officer at CoinList. Tubergen says “it makes me feel like a celebrity”. He made the team responsible for more than $850 million in investments. He first worked at Facebook, and as product director at AngelList. CoinList was founded in 2017 and is a collaboration of Protocol Labs and AngelList. AngelList has raised more than $700M for startups, which has changed the cryptocurrency world.

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Alexander Liegel, 28, is the Co-founder of Layeri Technologies, California.  Earlier, he worked at Facebook. He has helped digital asset companies manage their token-based finances. It is the leading platform that manages token sales of digital assets of companies. The company is responsible for $850 million in digital investments.

Joseph Krug, 25, California, is the co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital. He is the co-founder of Augur and raised $5.7 million for the company by organizing the first Initial coin offerings on Ethereum. He has raised large funds across three cryptocurrency-related funds. Pantera Capital is one of the largest blockchain-related investment firms. Before joining Pantera, Joseph started a Point-of-Sale payment system.

Jack Mallers, 26, founder of Zap Solutions, Illinois, was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013. With 20 employees working at Zap, a $3.5M seed round led by Greenoaks Capital was closed recently. Zap works with credit card company Visa, to introduce its clients to Bitcoin.

Charlie Noyes, 21, California, is an investment partner at Paradigm Capital. He was a personal seed investor at Tagomi with a $12 million Series A. He also contributed to a seed investment of around $1 million in Uniswap with a valuation of $3 billion. Tagomi, a cryptocurrency trading platform helps clients trade better so that they get more returns on their funds. Currently, Noyes is the Principal at Pantera Capital. He works on various projects to build blockchain protocols.

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Athanasios Karachotzitis, Jeong Woo Park, and Andrew Yang, working as a team founded Authenticiti in 2016. It is a supply chain data platform that is powered by blockchain. The team has raised $2.1 million in modern supply chains for manufacturers. Authenticiti helps to realize real-time visibility and streamline processes of the supply chain, automates manual tasks, and eliminates SLA disputes, by which operating costs are minimized easily.

Women Entrepreneurs in the Cryptocurrency World

Soona Amhaz, 27, the Founding Partner of Volt Capital, California, and a crypto investor has a place in the list. As a resident crypto expert, Amhaz helps people to set their crypto wallets. Magic is Volt Capital’s publicly announced investment. She is one of the founding members of the Chicago DeFi Alliance, CDA. Amhaz says that firms working on CDA’s believe the Forex market will soon be based on stablecoins.

Amiti Uttarwa, Nevada, started The Bitcoin Zine, is one of the women in the Forbes under 30 list. She is a software engineer who initiated the development of open-source money. She is the first woman developer at Bitcoin Core, a $170 billion market cap asset. Amiti says that Bitcoin Core has helped advance the protocol. Amiti says that gaining a high level of understanding and exposure is required to contribute to Bitcoin Core.

Flori Marquez, 29, New York, Cofounder of BlockFi, the lending platform which lends cryptocurrencies at high rates, as high as 8.6%. It has raised more than $100 million in equity in several venture capital firms. She is the owner of Portfolio Management, a Bond Street Servicing, optimizing a $125 million portfolio. She also developed an institutional partnership at Oak Hill Advisors.

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