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Market Data includes a detailed overview of selected currency pair performance, including Change Value (both in absolute and percentage numbers), Open, High, Low and Close values.

Forex Cross Rates displays real-time pricing of the selected currencies in comparison to the other major currencies at a glance

Forex Heat Map gives a quick overview of the action in the foreign currency markets. It displays strong and weak currency performance in real-time including how strong they are in relation to one another

Market Data

Forex Cross Rates

Forex Heat Map


Live Foreign Exchange Rates 

For those dipping their toes into forex trading a key tool will be a live foreign exchange rates board. Following the live forex rates will be a key part of your day in order to track the fluctuation in the market, and spot a trend in a currency pair. 

As the most liquid openly traded financial market on the planet live exchange rates can fluctuate by the second reacting dramatically to political news and the latest key financial data  

It’s worth noting that the live exchange rates depicted on websites and news outlets are interbank live exchange rates. Therefore they won’t include any spread or margin that any Forex trading platform, foreign exchange broker or travel money provider will include. They can however provide you with indicative live foreign exchange rate.¬†

For those wishing to get a live foreign exchange rate on a set amount a currency convertor might also be of assistance. Allowing you to convert your base currency at the live forex exchange rates. 

Market data analysis

The market data live forex rates board analyses all aspects of the market including changes in the live exchange rates, gains and losses of the currency pair and the highs and lows of the previous month. 

Live foreign exchange rates Рforex cross rates 

Forex cross rates boards show the live exchange rates for key pairs and whether they are appreciating (green) or indeed if the currency pairs are appreciating. 

Live foreign exchange rates Рforex charts heat map 

Allows you to see the strongest and weakest live foreign exchange rates, colours demonstrate their increase or decrease in %. Red showing those which are losing ground against the other currency and green depicting currencies which have performed well.