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Contributor Guidelines

The following are the guidelines which must be adhered to in order to have your content published at Forex News Shop. These guidelines are subject to change, so check back often. However, following these formatting requirements will help with the success of your contribution.

Required word count

We ask that all submissions be at least 700 words in length. More important than the total word count of the piece is the fact that it must provide something of value to our readers. Materials should contain fresh ideas, display competent knowledge of the foreign exchange markets, and keep readers engaged.

Tone and styling

The tone and style of all articles submitted for publication should be professional and authoritative. Adding personal flair to keep a piece interesting is acceptable, but the use of slang or other informal writing is not acceptable.


Please keep the formatting standard throughout the article. Subheadings and bulleted lists are permitted where appropriate. It is best to keep the article look professional and without any spelling or grammatical errors. The information contained within the article should be current and accurate. Our readers come here to read relevant information about the forex market, we want to provide them with the ability to get the information they seek.


We do allow for links to be included in our articles. Any links that are included should be from authoritative and reliable sources. It is also admissible for the author to link their piece to their own bio if they would like to do so. That being said, promotional links to other materials are strictly forbidden. We would like all links contained within articles to provide something of value to the readers. Irrelevant links or excessive linking only serves to confuse and distract readers and are not allowed.

Benefits of contributing to Forex News Shop

Exposure to a larger audience is the clearest and the most obvious benefit of contributing to us. We want to help you bring your work to as large of an audience as possible. We have readers who visit our website on a regular basis, and you can expect that many of those readers will see your work if it is published on our website. We want to help you help others. Showing off your knowledge of the forex markets and contributing to a community that discusses this particular topic is another great benefit.

Acceptable topics to write about

We encourage a diversity of topics to be written about on our website. At the same time, we would like all pieces to relate directly to the foreign exchange market, cryptocurrencies or provide currency advice. It is acceptable to write about the current movements in the market, factors impacting those movements, outside news that may cause movements in the market and other related topics. Topics that are off subject are not acceptable. If you have a question about a particular topic idea, please contact us before submitting it to see if it might fit with our model.

To send your application and topic ideas, fill in the application form above.